Aug. 30th, 2016 09:17 pm
It is rightly said "Books are man's best friend". The 'Secret' book is a blessing in disguise for me. It is one of the best gifts that i've got in my life. This book by Rhonda Byre changed my way of life, taught me something which no other living being on this earth could teach me. It taught me how to be self sufficient and the aura of positivism surrounded my environment. The ' title' of the book in itself shows that the book is about the 'secret' of life that needs to be discovered by the people in this world.

In my opinion, the book has tried to make us realise the power that lies within us which would help us relate waves of positive changes in our life. It propels us to know that our thought process has the capability of making things happen, things that we otherwise think wouldn't happen. The book also takes scientific turn wherein according to it our thoughts attract things.

The things that i read in this book were already known to me subconsciously. It was just that i never realised the importance of what this book has prevailed to me. A presentation being delayed when I strongly wanted it, being sick and feeling well when i really wanted to be are some of the few instances that have actually happened in my life.

All the philosophers and writers have put in their ideas and concluded what is known as the "truth of life". It is the way we live our life and how we take every situation we face in this world. If we truly want some things to happen is only when we ll be able to reach that level. The more we realise our importance and value our life, the more we ll be happy and contented.

The secret key is to prioritize out things in our life and balance out the materialistic and non- materialistic things in our life. And this is what my life has come to be now.



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